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I’m a big advocate of public transportation…as long as that transport doesn’t involve a bus.  Regardless of weather, I’ll choose train (over car) to travel about Chicago and its suburbs.  But for those spots several blocks between train stops, I’ll watch ten buses go by as I wait for cab without even considering them as a possibility.  When friends try to explain the convenience and cost-savings of bus travel, I stare at them (intently) and think about what to make for dinner until they’re done talking.  Then I nod and go back to my day none-the-wiser.  And I bet the bus is great, but for some reason, I ain’t gonna take it.

Which brings me to educational outcome measurement.  This blog is me saying “Hey, outcomes measurement isn’t all that hard.  You can do it!  And it will save you some money if you do”.  But I’m starting to suspect you’re more trying to decide between pizza or Chinese than how to calculate an effect size.

Naturally stubborn, I’m not going to let go of my message, I’ve just repackaged it.  Specifically, I’ve put together a series of six, two-hour training modules designed to get anyone up-to-speed about outcome measurement in CME.  This includes all the methods, tools and analyses that you’ll need to effectively (and competitively) capture and report CME outcomes.  However, unlike this blog, this package isn’t free.  Cost for this series is $3000 and it’s delivered over a series of no fewer than 3 weeks (I find that the information sinks in better when spread out).  If you’re interested in taking this bus, you can email me here or call 312-833-8294.

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