Hi there. My name is Jason Olivieri. My favorite creature? Whales. Definitely.  Unless that was meant to include mythical.  In which case, I’d have to say griffins.  You were probably thinking dragons, which is a safe bet, but everyone says dragons so I felt compelled to be different. So, yes, dragons are awesome, but we can’t all be dragons – can we?  Wait…can we?

Anyway…I work for an accredited medical education company. I focus entirely on needs and outcomes assessment.  The mission of the blog is to provide practical solutions to CME assessment (i.e., needs and outcomes).  To that end, information provided within this blog will be rich in both detail and examples (I’ll try to make things as “cook-book” as possible).   Feel free to use/adapt any of the information, attachments, surveys, etc. contained within this blog for your organization’s CME assessment needs, but not as part of any commercial endeavor (see Creative Commons License on the right margin of this blog for more detail).  Attribution back to assessCME.com would also be appreciated.

New posts will be published every two weeks (on Mondays) at varying frequencies.  Topics will be selected based on personal experience, as well as from reader suggestions (email me at j.olivieri@med-iq.com to suggest a topic).

I will publish reader critiques as relevant to a given post in the comment section.

One response to “About

  1. Jason,
    Great job–our office is looking to improve our “outcomes” and this is an easy, efficient method that we could adopt and use. So, thanks very much!

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