Be patient on those outcomes

Oh, I so want to say I measure patient outcomes.  Everyone gets so excited.  Imagine these two presentation titles: 1) “Reliability and Validity in Educational Outcome Assessment” and 2) “Measuring Patient Outcomes Associated with CME Participation”.  Which one are you going to attend?  Well…yes, to most folks those both sound pretty boring.  But this is a CME blog.  And in this part of town, it’d be like asking whether you’d rather hang out with some guy who runs a strip mall accounting firm or Will Ferrell.

But I’m not Will Ferrell.  And instead of an accountant, I’d like to introduce you to Drs. Cook and West who present a very clear and thoughtful piece on  why Will Ferrell really isn’t that funny why patient outcomes may not be the best  CME outcome target (click here for the article).

Read this article and be prepared.  If you’re presenting on patient outcomes, I’m going to ask about things like “dilution” and “teaching-to-the-test”.  Unless, of course, you are Will Ferrell.  In which case, thank you for Elf.


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2 responses to “Be patient on those outcomes

  1. “Ooooh. he is an angry elf”–lol. I do agree that many assessments are poorly designed to measure patient outcomes and would be better off aligned with more achievable objectives. I do think we must always keep the patient in mind when designing learning objectives. I spend the most time revising really poor objectives. Having participants “describe’ or “define” something without integration with a specific clinical behavior and the desired impact on patient outcome is always a missed opportunity. Great article!

  2. Darla R. Grossman, MD

    As an directo continuing medical education and as a practicing physician, I have been frequently frustrated by professional educators who tout patient outcomes as the ultimate result of an educational program. Thanks for posting the article.. My sentiments exactly!

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