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Rule of thumb…number of participants per survey item

It’s ten.  For each question on your survey, you should have at least 10 respondents.  And if you’re distributing the survey to more than one group (e.g., participants in a CME activity and representative non-participants), there should be at least 10 respondents per survey question per group.

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One last word about effect size…until the next time

CE Measure just published our manuscript regarding effect size in CME assessment.   In it, we compare traditional tests of statistical significance (e.g., t-test) with effect size measures and then provide a step-by-step guide for calculating Cohen’s d (one of the more popular effect size measures).

Check it out.  Like this blog – all the information is free.

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CME evaluation follow-up period

Twelve months.  That’s the minimum recommendation by Tian et al for follow-up after CME to detect changes in physician behavior or their patients’ outcomes.  Anything less than that may not be sufficient for new knowledge or skills to be incorporated into practice – or reconized in patient outcomes.  Tian et al came to that conclusion in their systematic review of  CME evaluations published between 2000-2006 (abstract).  Although the authors admit that the data available doesn’t end the debate on appropriate follow-up period, what alternative justification are you using to determine your follow-up period?

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