You’re doing it wrong (Likert scale edition)

Graduate school professors and academic mentors all soberly agreed that whatever manuscript I was currently stressing over would ultimately be read by three peer reviewers and then no one else.  I could accept that my family and friends wouldn’t be interested in The effects of physician specialty and patient comorbidities on the use and discontinuation of coxibs, but surely it would fill a hole in some greater literature stream and assist in the improvement of…something?

Not bloody likely.

In yet another example of I-published-that-15-years-ago-and-nobody-read-it-and-they’ve-been-doing-it-wrong-since, Roberson et al very clearly explain how we’ve been inappropriately using the t-test to analyze Likert scale data (link).  Well, I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I promise to use the “sign test” from here forward.


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